Is Tencel Breathable? (Does Tencel Make You Sweat in Summer)

Summer months are a two-sided coin. On one side, those months provide dry weather for run activities, as well as allowing one to get outside and enjoy nature without fear. On the other side, the heat can make you sweat and maneuver you into presenting a bad first impression.

Is Tencel breathable? One of the reasons Tencel has become so popular is that it has excellent breathing ability. It is not a fabric that causes you to sweat when those summer months roll in and raise the temperature. You stay dry and comfortable while wearing this material

To find out more about Tencel and its breathing properties, just continue to read our article. It has what you want to know about. Plus, it has other information to make sure you understand this fabric inside and out

Does Tencel Breathe Well?

This fabric is made from natural materials thus it contains top breathing abilities. That is due to the nanotechnological method of producing this fabric. The fibers are made to be small to allow for more softness, comfort, and breathing to take place.

That is not all of the positive characteristics that this fabric comes with., It is also durable and strong and only has one major weakness. It loses its strength when it is wet. It may shrink on you if you are not careful but the shrink rate is listed between 3 and 5%.

When summer comes the most important characteristic will be the breathing and the wicking away of moisture. Your skin should stay drier longer as well as cooler. No body heat should remain trapped inside your Tencel clothing.

This is why this material has become so popular over recent years. It is made with you and your lifestyle in mind.

Is Tencel Natural or Synthetic?

Yes to both as Tencel lyocell, its real name, is made from both natural fibers and chemicals. It is a lot like rayon in this regard as it and rayon are just 2 of the fabrics found in this mixed category.

According to the Tencel official website, the fabric comes from the bark of both the beech and eucalyptus trees. Then chemicals are added to the process to produce this material. It is both synthetic and natural and it has the best of both worlds in its construction.

The fabric comes from a company in Australia and they market their material under the name Tencel in America. The natural fibers bring so much to this fabric that you would think that you are actually wearing all-natural clothing instead of a chemical and natural blend.

It is supposed to be made with less waste than producing cotton creates when it is made.

Is Tencel Cool in Summer?

Tencel is so cool in the summer that it gives both cotton and linen a run for their money in this category. Cotton remains the top fabric for staying cool with linen right behind it. Then Tencel comes in a close third making sure you have plenty of summer choices.

The good thing about Tencel is that it is also competitive in the color department. It holds its own against both cotton and linen for color variations as well as holding different colored dyes.

If your Tencel blouse is not the right color you can always change it to fit your fashion style. Just follow the rules of dyeing to make sure you get the color you want. Once you have done that, you can enjoy the summer without overheating.

Its ability to breathe and remove moisture help you remain cool and collected all day long.

Does Tencel Make You Sweat?

Tencel shouldn’t make you sweat. Usually, that is a job for your physical activity to do not the fabric. If anything Tencel should help keep you from sweating as it releases the heat fairly well. Over heating hold not be an issue when you wear Tencel clothing.

Also, you should not feel hot and sticky as this fabric is designed to wick away moisture and leave your skin nice and dry. You do not have to be embarrassed by the heat as Tencel should have your back and keep you looking good.

Your perspiration should evaporate quickly due to the small fiber this fabric is made from. What that means is that you should also be odor and bacteria-free while you wear this clothing material.

It comes from a sustainable raw source so the fabric should be around for a long time, keeping you cooler and more presentable every time you wear the fabric.

Does Tencel Show Sweat Marks?

This is a moisture absorbing material that has fine breathing capabilities. It should not show sweat stains but every person is different and perspires at different levels.. Some fashion outlets do not recommend wearing this material in the summer for that very reason.

Others do recommend it for those very reasons. What this tells you is that everyone’s result will be different. Yes, it may show sweat stains and no it may not show them at all. The high temperatures will play a role in this as well.

The hotter it gets the more likely the sweat-resistant quality will be overpowered. For the most part, the material should not show sweat stains so you can lift your arms in celebration and not feel self-conscious.

If you are using Tencel as an undershirt, then you most likely will see sweat stains when you take the outer layer off.

Is Tencel Water-Resistant?

No, Tencel doesn’t share that water-resistant property with the synthetic side of fabrics. It is moisture absorbent so you can be sure to look and stay dry when the days get hotter. The experts state that Tencel is 50% more absorbent than cotton.

One property that makes Tencel a very popular fabric to wear, despite its cost, is that it has excellent moisture control. This ability makes sure that you do not have issues with bacteria. The anti-bacterial advantage also keeps odors away that might embarrass you in the delicate situations.

Plus, the moisture absorbent mechanism keeps you drier and feeling cooler than if you wore other fabrics in its place. Feeling dry helps build your confidence and lets you concentrate on your conversations instead of how you look to the public.

That is what you want from a fabric. Something that keeps in you in a good light until you get home.

Does Tencel Keep You Warm?

This is a fabric that is designed to keep you cool and dry when the temperatures get hotter than normal. Once you put on the Tencel clothing you should feel cool and collected even when you are engaged in a discussion with a handsome guy or pretty woman.

The material is said to absorb moisture keeping you from feeling sticky and helps your Tencel clothing retain its excellent drape. That is a positive most people can live with. You stay cooler, drier, and more engaging when you wear Tencel.

That may be one of the key reasons why so many people wear this fabric. They like how they look and feel even in the summer months. With its excellent drape, the clothing should not cling to your body when it gets hot under the collar.

Tencel’s Many Attributes

You may read about all of these different attributes throughout this series on Tencel fabric. Yet, it is still a good idea to give them to you in list format so you can see quickly what this fabric has to offer you during the summer months:

– Made from natural raw materials- with some chemicals thrown in to make sure the fabric responds the way you want.

– Provides a lot of colors- not only in the manufacturing color offering but through its high acceptance of dyes and its absorbing nature.

– Absorbs moisture- it is better than cotton in this category and helps make sure you remain dry.

– Has anti-bacterial properties- you can stay healthy wearing this fabric and not worry about germs or bad odors.

– It feels good next to the skin- like other similar fabrics, Tencel is lightweight, soft, comfortable, and resists wrinkles.

– Has versatility- in other words, you should be able to use his fabric for a variety of sewing projects.

– Durable- it is supposed to be a tough fabric that holds up well under all types of treatment.

Some Final Words

Tencel is supposed to be the fabric for the future. Its supporters claim that cotton has had its day and it is time for that material to move over and let the modern fabrics have the spotlight.

Whether this is so or not remains to be seen and should be done on an individual basis. One thing is for sure, Tencel is a good fabric fr those hot summer months you have in your region.

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