What is Tencel? Qualities of Tencel fabric

What is Tencel? Qualities of Tencel fabric

Tencel is a light soft but also strong and comfy fabric. Tencel fabric is a very special fabric but that’s not because of the fabric itself.

Tencel is made of 100% natural material that is completely made in a sustainable way. It’s so good for people and nature. Not surprising that the Tencel fabric is a rising star with all the sustainable designers.

Its time to meet Tencel!

What is Tencel fabric?

First things first: the concepts ‘Tencel’ and ‘Lyocell’ are often used interchangeably. That’s not crazy at all because in fact it is just about the same.

Here’s the thing: the sustainable fiber called officialy Lyocell, but on the market it is under the name of Tencel. Tencel fabric is described as a ‘natural fiber’. It is made from wood pulp from eucalyptus trees.

What starts as pulp, ends up as a smooth fiber that falls smoothly and feels very soft to the touch.

What makes Tencel so sustainable?

Tencel fabric is made from wood from forests with the FSC quality mark. These forests are located in South Africa where soil quality is low. Agriculture is not an option, but eucalyptus trees thrive there. The forests are sustainably managed and new trees are planted.

Tencel’s production process is a closed loop. More than 99% of the water and solvents used in the process are collected and reused. The bleaching of the fibres is completely chlorine-free.

All production stages have been arranged to be as sustainable as possible and that has not gone unnoticed: Tencel carries the European Eco label and was even awarded the European Environment Prize.

What are the benefits of thence fabric?

It’s obvious: Tencel scores high on sustainability.

But that is not it, because Tencel has a couple more nice features:

  • Tencel fabric is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Tencel fabric is strong and therefore also suitable as sportswear
  • Tencel fabric ‘breathes’ and that’s pleasant in both winter and summer
  • Tencel fabric absorbs water better than cotton, yet dries faster
  • Tencel fabric shrinks and creases less than cotton
  • Last but not least: Tencel fabric is extremely resistant to bacteria, so no bad odors (Fun fact: bacterial growth is 2000 times faster with synthetic substances!)

How to wash tencel?

Very simple: you can wash and dry Tencel as if it is cotton. Just check the label. Most fabrics can be washed effortlessly at 30 or 40 degrees, but some are silky soft and need a hand wash.

Drying on the line is fine and this fits with this durable fabric. Would you like to iron the fabric? Then opt for a synthetic option, without steam.

Tencel: ideal for slow fashion

House of U stands for sustainable beauty. We have a preference for Slow Fashion and arranged our own production processes as sustainably as possible. The concept of Tencel sounds like music to our ears, because a sustainable clothing sector does not come naturally. It requires an eye for innovation and daring to invest in new techniques. At Lenzing, the producer of Tencel, they understand this very well. For us, Lenzing is therefore an important and valuable partner.

Technology is developing rapidly and we will hear more and more of these kinds of developments. Follow House of U through our blogs and stay up to date.

Tencel printing

Would you like to have your own design printed on Tencel fabric? It’s very easy through House of U, just by using your computer. In our design generator you can upload your design and have it printed on Tencel fabric.

We currently have five different types of Tencel fabrics from which you can choose. There’s something for everyone. Take a look at our Tencel fabrics in our webshop.

Would you like personal advice on which fabric suits your needs best or for your design and/or application? We are at your service. Please contact us directly. This can be via chat, e-mail or phone.

House of U: it’s up to you!

Want to know more about Tencel fabric? Curious about the details of Tencel and other innovations?

At House of You we like to take the Sustainable lead.

With our Eco Fabric Kit you can see exactly what we have to offer in Sustainable fabrics. For only € 4,99 you will receive samples of 25 different fabrics. Tencel is included of course, but also U-circular, organic cotton, Hemp and Ecovero.

Discover the possibilities and experience how comfortably durable can be.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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