Top 9 Global Tencel Fabric Manufacturers

To meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly fabrics, the role of Tencel fabric manufacturers has become incredibly important. These businesses in the industry play a leading role in the production and supply of Tencel fabric to fashion designers and furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Thanks to advanced technology and modern manufacturing processes, Tencel fabric manufacturers have the capability to produce large quantities and meet the high-quality requirements of customers. Now, let’s explore the top Tencel fabric manufacturers with WELLFABRIC.

1. The importance of Tencel fabric manufacturers

Tencel fabric has become a popular choice in the fashion and interior industry, thanks to its unique characteristics and benefits. Made from natural cellulose fibers extracted from oak trees, the production process of Tencel fabric ensures sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The development and popularity of Tencel fabric not only provide benefits to consumers with safe and skin-friendly products but also contribute significantly to environmental protection.

Tencel fabric manufacturers play a crucial role in creating a sustainable supply chain and facilitating the sustainable development of the fashion and interior industry. With their significant role, Tencel fabric manufacturers are shaping and driving the continued growth of this industry, meeting the increasing market demand, and establishing themselves as leaders in the global Tencel fabric industry.

2. Leading Tencel Fabric Manufacturers

2.1. TENCEL™

With a mission to protect the environment, TENCEL™ is a trusted brand that brings lyocell and modal fibers produced from sustainably sourced wood through environmentally responsible processes. TENCEL™ fibers have made their way into the collections of many leading designers and renowned retailers. With TENCEL™, you not only own high-quality products but also contribute positively to the sustainability of our planet.


2.2. WELLFABRIC – Tencel fabric manufacturer

wellfabric - tencel

WELLFABRIC is a reliable brand under Bao Lan Textiles, specializing in manufacturing sustainable fabrics (such as cotton, bamboo fabric, cotton melange, etc.). Especially, we produce high-quality Tencel fabric and ensure its eco-friendliness. WELLFABRIC uses certified Tencel fibers, adhering to environmental protection requirements.

With strong investments in R&D, WELLFABRIC strives to provide diverse and premium Tencel fabric options, including blending with other fibers to create new product lines such as Tencel denim.

Understanding that customers have unique needs and requirements, WELLFABRIC offers a diverse MOQ policy (starting from 1kg) to meet all production demands. We possess certifications such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Bluesign…

With affordable prices and readily available stock, WELLFABRIC commits to providing convenience and flexibility to customers. We prioritize quality and ensure that their products meet all standards and customer requirements.


2.3. HerMin


HerMin Textile Co., LTD was established by Mr. Chen Wen-Jin in 1976 during Taiwan’s economic transition and the development of the export market. Initially, HerMin’s factory in southern Taiwan focused primarily on producing woven striped fabrics using natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, and other fabrics. To cope with price competition challenges, HerMin decided to develop higher-value natural fiber fabrics.

In recent years, HerMin has focused on researching and developing functionality and sustainability to ensure their products perform well and create amazing stories for customers. Additionally, HerMin is a notable Tencel fabric supplier and renowned for manufacturing high-quality fabrics, emphasizing durability and aesthetics.

HerMin is committed to providing superior Tencel fabrics, ensuring comfort and exceptional durability. Their production processes adhere to high-quality standards, ensuring that every meter of Tencel fabric is produced with the utmost quality.


2.4. Dinesh Exports

Dinesh Exports

Dinesh Exports is a leading fiber fabric manufacturer with a long-standing tradition and experience in the textile industry. They take pride in being at the forefront of Tencel fabric production and have earned high recognition from customers both domestically and internationally.

With a solid foundation and deep experience in the textile industry, Dinesh Exports understands the production process and quality of Tencel fabric. Their experienced workforce consists of skilled and dedicated professionals, ensuring that each product achieves the highest quality.

Dinesh Exports is committed to delivering reliable Tencel fabric products and meeting customer requirements. With the use of advanced technology and efficient production processes, they ensure stability and high-quality standards for their products.


2.5. Koshtex – Tencel fabric manufacturer

Koshtex - Tencel fabric manufacturer

Koshtex is a renowned fabric fiber manufacturer with diversity and style in their products. With high dedication and continuous innovation, Koshtex offers diverse and stylish Tencel fabric choices, catering to every customer’s needs.

Exploring Koshtex’s collection, you will experience diversity in design, color, and material. From Tencel fabric blends with other natural fibers, Koshtex brings notable and unique Tencel fabric products. With creative vision and market-responsive capabilities, Koshtex relentlessly researches and develops to create the best Tencel fabric products. Koshtex’s diversity and style not only fulfill creative design but also ensure quality and stability.


2.6. Core Fabric Store – Tencel fabric supplier

Core Fabric Store - Tencel fabric supplier

Core Fabric Store is a dedicated supplier of various Tencel fabrics, offering a wide range of colors and designs. They take pride in providing high-quality Tencel fabric products that meet vibrant color standards and diverse designs. Customers can find abundant options at Core Fabric Store to create unique and impressive fashion products.

With care and dedication, Core Fabric Store ensures customer satisfaction with product quality and service. Explore the diverse and abundant world of Tencel fabrics at Core Fabric Store.


2.7. Kinderel


Kinderel produces Tencel Lyocell fabric made from wood pulp, a renewable resource. Kinderel’s production process uses less water and chemicals compared to traditional fabric production methods, reducing the impact on the environment.

Kinderel’s Tencel Lyocell fabric is also incredibly soft, breathable, and highly absorbent. It is an excellent choice for summer clothing, sleepwear, and interior applications.

Kinderel takes pride in offering high-quality products at an affordable price. They believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of Tencel Lyocell fabric, regardless of their budget.


2.8. Fabric Wholesale Direct – Tencel fabric supplier

Fabric Wholesale Direct - Tencel fabric supplier

Fabric Wholesale Direct specializes in wholesale fabric at discounted prices for designers, event organizers, and retail fabric stores. They offer a diverse range of fabrics such as Crepe Back Satin, Charmeuse Satin, Jacquard, and many more.

With over 30 years of experience, Fabric Wholesale Direct ensures the best prices, diverse options, and quality service for customers. The brand is also a leading distributor of Tencel Lyocell fabrics, guaranteeing quality and competitive prices.


2.9. Siebenblau – Tencel fabric manufacturer

Siebenblau - Tencel fabric manufacturer

Siebenblau is a leading supplier specializing in fabrics made from Tencel fibers. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Siebenblau provides customers with reliable and eco-friendly fabric products.

Siebenblau emphasizes the selection of premium Tencel fibers and strict adherence to quality standards during the manufacturing process. This ensures that their fabric products not only have excellent quality but also demonstrate respect for the environment and human health. With Siebenblau, customers can confidently choose Tencel fabric products of high quality and sustainability.


3. Final Thoughts

Above are the information about the leading Tencel fabric manufacturers that have been introduced, ensuring reliable choices for consumers.

Choose reputable and reliable manufacturers to purchase high-quality and sustainable Tencel fabric. This not only ensures product quality but also contributes to sustainable development in the fashion and interior industry.

With its aesthetic and sustainable properties, Tencel fabric has demonstrated its crucial role in building a sustainable fashion and interior industry, contributing to environmental protection and providing quality products for consumers.

You should choose suppliers or manufacturers who have certifications such as GOTS, Öko-Tex Standard 100, Bluesign,… like WELLFABRIC.

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