Need The Washing Checklist For Tencel: Here’s Our Care Guide!

There are innovations in the textile industry that have shaped how we view texture and clothing. And they are crucial to the development of clothing brands, consumer tastes, and fashion products. But, cotton and silk are staples in the fashion industry that have garnered widespread acceptance.

And that is something that is bound to change. Except for the “acceptance” part, the change in textiles are apparent. There has been a shift toward eco-conscious fabrics. Hence, when a fabric like Tencel comes along, it can generate many questions. And some of them are pertinent questions asked by fashion enthusiasts as well as environment-conscious people. And one of those is how to take care of the fabric and maintain its textured feel.

Here are some related questions which this article shall cover, such as: does Tencel shrink? How to wash Tencel sheets? So, to demystify this fabric to new users, let us get right into this article.

What is Tencel?

Tencel is a kind of rayon that is a lot like viscose and rayon. It is a brand of lyocell and modal fibers sourced from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees. The cellulose fibers are made by dissolving wood pulp and using a specific drying technique called spinning.

And the process to source it is environment-friendly. What’s more, you get a fabric that is super comfortable to wear. And it is becoming popular among ethical brands and consumers. Here are some tips on Tencel care to get you started on this trendsetting textile.

How expensive is Tencel?

Tencel is inexpensive, and it is also highly versatile. You can find it in a basic t-shirt or a high couture dress as well. The good news is that ethical brands now offer this affordable form of clothing. So, when you purchase an item of Tencel clothing, it won’t end up in a landfill; instead, it will decompose and return to nature.

How durable is Tencel?

Nothing is more disappointing than having a piece of clothing lose its texture and start to pill. Once your clothes pill, it is time to get additions to the wardrobe. But, Tencel clothing is durable and long-lasting, meaning it will last a very long time. And that level of quality, comfort, and feel can get preserved if you read the care guide. Here’s our checklist below.

Here’s Our Guide On Tencel Care

Tencel is made from a type of lyocell and comes in many variants, such as Tencel modal. Let us talk about some of the properties of Tencel as a whole:

What are the properties of Tencel? It is breathable and holds dye really well. Also, it is durable and strong yet it is best for sensitive skin. Hence, it is perfect for clothing for toddlers. So, to wash it, use cold water and a quality detergent to preserve its gentle texture.

Does Tencel Shrink? Tencel cloth can be easy to wash and dry with the help of a few tips. Note that Tencel can be delicate when it is wet and prone to damage under high temperatures. Hence, a delicate cycle on the washing machine is suitable for Tencel clothing. But, always turn it inside out and check if it needs to get handwashed or not.

How to wash Tencel? When it comes to washing Tencel clothes or Tencel sheets, always read the washing instructions. After all, some Tencel fabrics can only get dry-cleaned, and washing can obviously ruin them. While some clothes might be okay with being handwashed, they can also be suitable for a delicate cycle in the washing machine. Hence, you should carefully peruse the instructions before giving it for a wash. Furthermore, use cool water instead of hot water. And use a gentle detergent that goes easy on your clothes.


Tencel is an excellent fabric that holds up very well over time. It does not pill. And most importantly, it is affordable and is garnering a lot of interest among fashion enthusiasts. Moreover, being climate-conscious is becoming the vogue, and ethical brands are slowly coming into their own.

With designer brands such as Tianello making Tencel clothing, the industry is moving in a different direction. But, the advantages are apparent to eco-conscious people who are interested in fashion. Tencel is easy to maintain and great for the environment. Also, it is fashionable and super comfortable

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