Cellulose Collection

To keep up with modern living trends, users increasingly fancy environmentally friendly and healthy products. Ignoring synthetic or artificial fabrics, organic fabrics are being used more popular in the textile industry.

Prominent among organic yarns, we cannot exclude TENCEL yarn, the main material used to make clothes and bedding for famous brands like Everon, Hanvico… So what is TENCEL yarn? What advantages does this yarn have over others?

Introduction about TENCEL yarn

TENCEL yarn is actually a special Lyocell yarn produced exclusively by Lenzing AG company. TENCEL yarn is made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus with high cellulose content. Eucalyptus wood pulp is spun by nanotechnology to form TENCEL yarns that are environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

TENCEL yarn has high applicability, often used in the production of casual clothes, underwear, and even sportswear. TENCEL yarn is also favored by consumers who are concerned about environmental problems thanks to the production process of finished products made from TENCEL yarn in general, and production of TENCEL yarn in particular, saves energy and water resources more than regular cotton. During the dyeing process, TENCEL yarns also need less dye than regular cotton and especially don’t need to go through the bleaching process.

In addition, the source of eucalyptus wood is used in the production of Lenzing’s TENCEL yarn is a sustainable source of trees according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and has The Forest Standard Certification (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification – PEFC).


The basic TENCEL yarn production process includes the following steps

  1. Material – Eucalyptus wood is crushed and extracted for the cellulose.
  2. Preparation – Cellulose is dissolved with water and organic solvent NMMO to form a viscous solution preparing for the TENCEL spinning process.
  3. Creating fibers – The cellulose solution will be extruded through a spinneret to form continuous fibers, through a coagulation tank, and cleaned to remove excess chemicals on the fiber surface.
  4. Spinning – TENCEL fibers are cut into long filaments or short staple fibers in order to mix with other fibers such as cotton for further combing and spinning.

TENCEL fibers manufacturing process is known as closed-loop system, up to 97% of the organic compound NMMO can be reused for subsequent dissolution processes. Therefore, TENCEL yarn is evaluated as a biological yarn, an environmentally friendly product.

Outstanding advantages of TENCEL yarn

TENCEL yarn is widely used in the textile industry, bringing fabric products with many highlights such as:

  1. Breathability, good sweat absorption, doesn’t cause suffocation, no odor thanks to effective deodorizing biological agents.
  2. High durability, good wear-and-tear resistance.
  3. Less wrinkles, better shape retention, and easy to restore to original state even after working out.
  4. TENCEL fabric has high durability, does not shrink during washing and home laundry.
  5. TENCEL fabric can be woven to create a shiny and smooth surface like silk.

TENCEL yarn is a versatile choice and convenience for a variety of finished products such as towels, bedsheets, t-shirts, sportswear, t-shirts, and other high-end fashion products.


Criteria for evaluating good quality TENCEL yarn

Quality TENCEL yarn contributes to the creation of soft TENCEL fabric, microfiber structure, giving a cool feeling when touched, feeling cool when you put it on, and doesn’t wrinkle when crumpled.

TENCEL yarn is produced exclusively by Lenzing company, which is also a partner of Greenyarn

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